10MM X 8.00" $1.65 SF Laminate flooring with Pad attached

25.24 36.00

10mm x 8.00" Laminate Flooring-With Pad included on back

 15.3 SF PER CARTON - 10 Year Warranty

- No glue and no nails needed
- Pre-glued underlayment included
- AC Rating: 2  
- 10 Year Warranty

Quick Installation Tips:
- Acclimate flooring for 48 hours in its original packaging at room temperature.
- Must be installed over a clean, stable, flat, smooth, and dry surface.
- Moisture barrier is recommended for installations over concrete.
- Make sure the panels are mixed sufficiently when you install them so that you do not end up with too many identical, light or dark panels next to each other.


ADDITIONAL FOAM PADDING: HOTEL TO HOME does not recommend using additional foam padding under laminates with pre-attached foam padding. This is because too much foam under the laminate can promote a weakening of the click joints causing board separation. Pre-attached foam has been satisfactorily tested in sound isolation quality with has an FIIC (Field Impact Insulation Class) of 51. Problems arising from the use of additional foam padding for whatever reason fall outside our warrantable recommendations.

Square Feet:
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